Capital Campaign Checklist


The Committee encourages grant seekers who are considering approaching the Foundation with a capital campaign request to review the following checklist and to include answers to these questions on a separate 1-2 page  PDF document:

  • Has a separate fund been established for all campaign funds?
  • Has property been identified and secured with a firm contract?
  • Have the final specifications been completed and put out for multiple bids?
  • Has the project received approval from the local city council?
  • Have all necessary permits/zoning variances been obtained?
  • Is there a realistic fundraising plan?
  • Have 100% of the board members contributed a significant amount to the project?
  • Has the organization committed some of its own funds to the project?
  • Is there a 3-5 business plan showing income to cover increased operating expenses?
  • Was there a fundraising feasibility study and/or marketing study before the campaign was launched?
  • Does the total campaign budget differentiate capital needs from operating and endowment needs?
  • To what degree does the project fit within the Bruening Foundation's focus areas?