Frequently Asked Questions


Foundation staff is available to answer your questions.

Please call us at (216) 621-2901.


  1. My email address is not recognized.

You have not set up an Account or the Account was set up under another email address.  There should only be one person’s email address associated with your organization’s Account.  Please call the Foundation office and we can help.

  1. A previous staff person set up the Account.  How can I gain access to my organization’s Account?

Please call the Foundation office and we can transfer the account to a new email address.

  1. I uploaded the wrong document.  How can I delete it?

Once you upload an attachment it appears at the top of the attachments screen. To the right of the attachment you will see “Remove”. Click on the box to remove the attachment and try again.

  1. I have started several applications that will not be submitted.  How do I delete them? 

To the right of a pending application you will notice a garbage can icon.  Click on the icon and at the top of the screen it will say Click to Remove.

  1. I can only see one of the attachments to upload.

Scroll to the far right and you will see the dropdown menu.  All attachments will appear at the top of the screen once you have uploaded them.

  1. I can’t find the reporting requirement.

Go to the application process tab on the website and click on reporting tools. Log in using the Account email and password that were created to submit the online application.  Once logged in, you will see the grant report form that is specific to this grant award under the Requirements tab.  NOTE:  If another staff person set up the original Account using a different email address you will need to contact the Foundation office so that we can transfer the account to your email address.

  1. Can we change or delete our application after we submit it?

Once you hit the submit button you cannot change or delete the application.  You can, however, contact our office and we can make minor changes on our end to your application.

  1. We have additional documents that we would like to send to you. How do we upload them?

We prefer to have only the documents that are required.  However, if you have information that you feel is necessary for our staff you can contact our office and we can assist you.

  1. Our organization is working with a fiscal sponsor.  How do we set up an account for our organization?

If you are working with a fiscal sponsor, we ask that you contact the Foundation office before proceeding. 

  1. Can we complete a “paper” application and mail it to you?

The Foundation will only accept applications submitted online.  The application then becomes a permanent part of our database.  In addition, if your organization were to receive a grant, all reporting is done through the My Account that you set up to submit the online application.  Please feel free to send us your feedback once you have completed the process.