Grant Guidelines:

The Thomas H. White Foundation will consider requests from tax-exempt, non-profit charitable and educational institutions located within Cuyahoga County, Ohio, if such organizations, and their services and facilities, primarily serve residents of the City of Cleveland. The Foundation will focus its grantmaking in two major areas: Education and Human Services. Specifically, the Foundation is interested in supporting programs that address four critical areas:

Early Childhood Enrichment
Programs which enhance the learning environment; provide support, training and ancillary services to parents; and/or enhance the recruitment and training of day care providers.
School Retention
Programs that support completion of high school and college access as well as those that emphasize the critical transition issues that occur during early teenage years and affect family relationships and school attendance.
Programs that support education in science, technology, engineering and math
Workforce Readiness
Programs that result in employment preparation, support systems, and the relationship to earning potential.
Organizations and programs that contribute generally to the quality of life in Greater Cleveland may also be considered at the Foundation's discretion.

Applicants are discouraged from submitting requests for endowment, general operating support, research, symposia or seminars. No grants are awarded to individuals. The Foundation does not respond to general solicitations or annual fundraising campaigns.

Foundation staff is available to assist applicants and/or to further clarify the Foundation's grantmaking policies and procedures.