Grant Guidelines:

The Thomas H. White Foundation will consider requests from tax-exempt, non-profit charitable and educational institutions located within Cuyahoga County, Ohio, if such organizations, and their services and facilities, primarily serve residents of the City of Cleveland. The Foundation will focus its grantmaking in two major areas: Education and Human Services. Specifically, the Foundation is interested in supporting programs that address three critical areas:

Early Childhood Enrichment
Programs which enhance and promote early learning for children ages 0-5:
  • literacy supports
  • parent support and engagement
  • professional development for early childhood educators
  • early intervention services
  • early mental health services
Programs that support students in grades K-12:
  • academic enrichment programming, including in-school residencies and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activities
  • out-of-school time activities that support learning
  • social-emotional development
  • workforce readiness and mentoring
  • post-secondary preparation and access
Workforce Readiness
Programs that help adults prepare for, secure, and maintain employment with the goal of self-sufficiency:
  • soft skills development
  • barrier removal
  • job search and placement services
  • job retention support

Requests for endowment, operations, research, symposia, seminars, scholarships, non-specific uses and capital are discouraged as they are inconsistent with the Foundation's mission.  No grants are awarded to individuals.  The Foundation does not respond to general solicitations or annual fundraising campaigns.

Foundation staff is available to assist applicants and/or to further clarify the Foundation's grantmaking priorities and procedures.